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Canny Marshall is here to help you find new audiences, to design communication strategies and to develop the right resources to make it all happen. Specialist expertise in culture, museums, tourism, festivals and heritage.
Communication Strategy - Canny Marshall
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Communication Strategy

We start with the end goal in mind and put in the steps you need to get there. Keeping it simple and joining it all up. 

marketing strategySo what do you want for your business, is it more sales? How will that be achieved, through your website or footfall through a real door, who are your clients and customers and why do they come to you? Do you want bigger spending clients, are you maximising the ones you already have, are you known in your industry?

Do you want more visitors to your venue or your festival? What are you putting in place to attract people and what messages are you giving them?

What makes your service or products different from your competitors and how are you communicating those differences and values to your customers, staff and investors.

We work with our clients to develop marketing plans as simple or as complex as they want. We deliver it for them or provide the knowledge and tools so they can do it themselves. So many people worry about marketing, so here’s your opportunity to have your own plan which brings with it peace of mind.

Talk to us. We’ll get to the heart of your business and help you reach your customers, or develop new audiences or new products. We are on hand to simply write your plan or help you deliver it.

Contact us on email, or call for further details on 07887 868841.