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Canny Marshall is here to help you find new audiences, to design communication strategies and to develop the right resources to make it all happen. Specialist expertise in culture, museums, tourism, festivals and heritage.
Email Marketing - Canny Marshall
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Email Marketing

Canny Marshall’s Email Marketing is a web-based email marketing and auto-responder software. Used every day by 15,000 business owners to create, send and track profitable email campaigns by using our fully managed and hosted service. Want to know more…

  • Anyone can create and send stunning email campaigns
  • Easy browser based contact management
  • ‘Hands Free’ follow-up with auto-responders
  • Personalised email campaign
  • Automatic integrated bounce management
  • Track click-throughs and email-opens
  • Segment and filter your email lists before sending
  • Professionally designed email templates
  • Custom email templates

Personalise – Send engaging personalised emails to your customers and clients. Studies show that by using their name and correct details you are much more likely to get a response. If you haven’t tried it then do so. Canny Marshall Email Marketing allows you to capture your subscribers first name, last name, age, salary — even their shoe size — when they sign-up to your mailing list. You can then use these fields in your email to deliver personalized content.

Communicate – Newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member notices, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, invitations — anything!

Increase sales – Selling a product or service from your website? Use Canny Marshall’s Email Marketing expertise to send a series of follow-up auto-responders to your potential customers after they sign-up for your newsletter. You could send them a free whitepaper, more information on your products, or even a “subscriber-only” discount. Your imagination and creativity really are the only limits!

Build trust – One of the most import steps in the buying process is to establish trust with your visitors. By starting your own weekly or monthly newsletter, you’re establishing your website as a credible source of information, which helps your visitors build up their trust in you.

Unlimited – Create hundreds or even thousands of mailing lists and either import your existing subscribers or use Canny Marshall Email Marketing to automatically create a subscription form for your web site.

Complies with anti spam and email laws –Canny Marshall Email Marketing includes powerful permission features, such as double opt-in confirmation and one-click unsubscribe which puts you in control of your email marketing campaign.