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Canny Marshall is here to help you find new audiences, to design communication strategies and to develop the right resources to make it all happen. Specialist expertise in culture, museums, tourism, festivals and heritage.
Newcastle Marketing Agency - About Us - Canny Marshall
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In a nut-shell Canny Marshall Ltd provides marketing support when you need it. To develop a new concept, to provide support on a project or to be your very own marketing facility.

To Canny Marshall Ltd is a straight talking marketing agency based in Newcastle and in Exeter. We will tailor campaigns and strategies to take your product or services to your audience. Catch up with social media, achieve pole positioning on search engines, develop a new clever website, or even start from scratch. Canny Marshall will be delighted to get involved.

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Canny Marshall Ltd was developed by Karen Marshall in 2012 focusing on delivering results. Her goal to simplify the world of marketing and communications for her clients.

Karen has a strong background in both the public and private sector working for companies such as Swallow Hotels, Marriott UK, NewcastleGateshead Initiative and Sunderland City Council. Karen has an excellent working knowledge of marketing with hands on experience of designing and delivering leisure, events, festivals, tourism and business to business campaigns.

Our clients are a fabulous mixed bunch and we’re very proud to be involved with them and their businesses.

Canny Marshall offers a range of services to help grow your business or to get your idea off the ground from developing a simple marketing plan to delving deeper into potential audiences and how best to communicate with them. It’s all about getting to heart of what you want, setting goals and making them happen.

Contact us for a discussion by filling in the email form and we’ll get back to you or just call and we can discuss how Canny Marshall Ltd can help increase your sales and your visibility in an ever-crowded market place!

Offices in Newcastle and in Exeter.