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Time Being part of Waiting Times - Canny Marshall
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Time Being part of Waiting Times

About This Project

A commission to design and produce – in double quick time – exhibition graphics, shop window vinyls, Covid information, social media graphics and a leaflet for a film exhibition exploring the passage of time. A short film by Deborah Robinson a collaboration with Ruairí Corr. The film was shown in September 2020 at the Maketank in Exeter, sandwiched between lock downs.


Time Being explores time and slowness. It investigates how we might understand the physical world through our senses rather than our words.

Artist and researcher Deborah Robinson made the film with and about a young adult called Ruairí Corr. Ruairí learns and expresses himself in material time: not the time it takes to read, write or speak a sentence, but the time it takes to understand the nature of a blossom or the weight and malleability of a lump of clay by touching and modelling it.


About Waiting Times 

Waiting Times opens up what it means to wait in and for healthcare by examining lived experiences, representations and histories of delayed and impeded time. In an era in which time is lived at increasingly different and complex speeds, Waiting Times looks to understand both the difficulties and vital significance of waiting for practices of care. 

Ruairi Corr Film Project

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